Manufacturer of High - Tech Doors and Closing Systems


PREICAR is a company dedicated to the manufacture of high- tech doors, which are made with the latest technological advances and the experience of more than 35 years in the sector. Our philosophy of perfectionism and our endorsement of first class, quality products has lead us to certify our products, providing the highest guarantee in any manufactured product as continual monitoring prevents any reduction in product quality.


PREICAR has a large number of clients who use our products in their facilities. The thermal bathing centre at Caldea (Andorra), the Teknon Clinic, The Hotel Princesa Sofía, The Mútua Madrileña Building (the 4 Towers Business Centre), The Gran Teatre Liceu, The National Theatre of Catalonia and the Hotel Arts of Barcelona, The Palacio Euskalduna and the Sondita Airport of Bilbao, The Conference Hall at San Sebastián and the Kio Towers in Madrid, Auditorio de Vigo, Hospital de Oviedo, Hospital de Burgos, NewsInstalations to BBK. are just some of the organisations which use and endorse our products. See more our finished work


In order to offer first class products with a total guarantee, our products have been subject to rigorous testing for permeability, air-tightness and resistance. For more information, please consult our Regulations Section. See regulations and compliance

Obras realizadas

Finalisation of the orders for the doors of the Torre de Cristal. Mútua Madrileña and Torres Sacyr-Vallehermoso. The Sacyr Vallehermoso Tower will be the third highest skyscraper in both Madrid and Spain, with 236 metres in height and 52 floors. Construction will finish in 2008 (it began in 2004).
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